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This landscaping and fencing project in Wilmslow transformed what was once a derelict and ruinous area of the garden. The client is a keen gardener and enjoys tending to large traditional plot and wanted to ehance the far end of the garden in order to maximise her use of the outdoor space. After a site consultation it was agreed that a new vegetable garden was to be created. We worked closely with the client on the new landscape design, and set to work clearling the area in October 2012. The site was levelled using plant machinary removing approximately 40 tonnes of ground waste using a one ton dumper. Ecery carewas taken in order to preserve the existing green house. New garden paths were constructed using tannlilsed timber which neatly set out the new planting beds. A new perimeter fence line was constructed. The fencing consists of waney lap panels and bespoke trellis panels, which allow more light into the area and will hopefully lead to a good harvest of home grown produce. To add interest to the new vegetable garden we constructed a bespoke garden pergola using tannilised timber, this provides a perfect area to grow rambling roses adding colour and scent to the garden in summer. The pathways were completed by laying cotswald stone chipping aggregate, this light sandy coloured stone produces warm, bright and ivnviting footpaths and will neatly contrast the rich greens of the furture harvest. The project was completed over the course of 10days with all landscpaing works costing £7500.

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