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This treehouse project in Prestbury is every kids dream! We have not grown up at Home Ground. This was without doubt the most fun we have had at work. Not only were we able to let our imagination run wild, but the client also invited us to test drive the tree house, with me and the team camping out up in the canopies! The project brief was simply; build a tree house with a zip line for the clients and their children to enoy in their home in Prestbury, Cheshire! After brainstorming several ideas, the agreed plan was to build an elevated cabin with a bridge between the two trees. The deas for the tree house grew and devloped organically during our time onsite. Whilst building the tree house new ideas such as the perspex walkover panel were added, adding a extra thrill to the walkway from the treehouse to the zip line. A firemans pole provides a speedy and fun descent from the tree house. The zip line provides fruther thrills and at 45metres, it whizzes you down to the bottom of the generous garden plot in no time - just a shame you have to walk back! A pully system allows for supplies to be brought up into the treehouse without having to leave, and the additon of a power supply means all the creature comforts of home, (heater, lights and even T.V) can be used for a cosy camp out. This has proved a real crowd pleaser with the clients young children and their friends, and I am reliably informed that many a big kid has just as much fun riding the zip line.
The treehouse project in Prestbury, Cheshire, was completed over 16 days, with every care taken to avoid any damage to the trees. The total build cost for the Treehouse project in Prestbury was £9000.

For a guided tour of the treehouse, please see the link below.

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